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Precautions for use of threading machine


  1. Before using the threading machine, conduct no-load test run to confirm its normal operation before formal operation;

  2. The reversing switch of the threading machine shall be installed at a position convenient for operation and shall be safe and reliable;

  3. The threading machine generally operates at a low speed. If there is a gearbox, the appropriate speed should be selected according to the quality of threading. It is not allowed to accelerate step by step to prevent the deformation of the thread or pipe end. The oil volume in the gearbox shall be kept within the specified range;

  4. It is not allowed to use hammering method to tighten or loosen the stop foot, feed handle and movable target plate on the back of the pipe threading machine. When threading long pipes, the ends must be padded and leveled to prevent swinging. After the thread is sleeved, loosen the feed handle, back stop foot and pipe clamp, and then slowly withdraw the pipe to prevent the thread from being damaged;

  5. The threading shall be formed at one time, and the threading parts shall be lubricated and cooled each time to ensure the smoothness of the threaded surface and prolong the service life of the die;

  6. After using the pipe threading machine, the power supply shall be cut off in time, and the iron filings shall be cleaned to remove the oil stain on the machine. When it is not used for a long time, it should be oiled and properly stored.


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