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Brief Introduction of New Type Fire Pipe Threading Machine


The application of new fire pipe threading machine technology can liberate people from heavy physical labor, part of mental labor and bad working environment, greatly improve labor productivity, speed up human exploration, and enhance human transformation ability. Automation technology is widely used in all fields of life and is an important symbol of scientific and technological modernization.

When the new fire pipe threading machine works, first put the pipe to be threaded into the pipe chuck, hit and clamp it, press the start switch, the steel pipe will not turn the die, adjust the die opening size on the die head, and set the length of the thread opening. Then, turn the feed handwheel clockwise to make the die cutter on the die head stick to the end of the rotating pipe with constant force, and the die cutter automatically cuts the threading. The electric steel pipe threading machine is the main equipment (thread machine) used in fire protection engineering, steel pipe plants, buildings and bridges.

This product is mainly applicable to the internal and external thread processing of factories and construction sites, especially the thread processing of embedded screws and screw sleeves of steel structure companies and road and bridge companies. Processing length: 360mm. Compared with similar products, it has the following characteristics: large range of threading, long processing length, high processing efficiency at three speeds, fine and symmetrical threading, beautiful overall appearance, and reasonable design.

The steel pipe threading process has realized automatic production, improved the automation of threading production equipment and reduced labor force. The equipment operator only needs one person * * * to complete the operation, without lifting and handling the line body for direct transportation. The equipment is equipped with humanized operation procedures, which can be operated selectively, and the operation is extremely simple. This machine reduces auxiliary labor, achieves the thread standard of the processed product, with accurate size and high efficiency. It is a high-tech product independently developed by our company and has independent intellectual property rights. It is simple to install and convenient to use.

In short, we strive for diversification in design to meet the needs of users, simple and effective, so as to reduce costs and bring tangible efficiency and benefits to users. The electric steel bar threading machine is a pipe thread processing machine. Most of the threading machines are desktop threading machines with the same principle as the threading machine on the lathe. For the precision required for processing thick and thin wall materials of some special parts, the ordinary threading machine cannot meet the requirements of * * *, and it is often difficult to complete the processing work with conventional methods. The electric steel bar threading machine is mainly used to cut the external thread of the cylinder on the rough bolts, screws, pipes and turned workpieces, and is suitable for the construction, mining, bridge and other industries.


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