Xinwang Machinery To Participate In Tube 2024 International Tube And Pipe Trade Fair
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Jiangyin Xinwang manchinery Co;Ltd is the manufacturer company in China which specialize in pipe fabrication processing equipment, have several years of expericence about pipe grooving equipment production.

Pipe Lifting Machine

Adjust the pipe height position so that the pipe is at a height with the cutter

Pipe Laser Cutting And Perforating Machine

Efficient cutting and perforating of pipes by laser

Pipeline Transportation And Sorting Systems

Sorting and transporting the right size pipe to the pipe grooving line

Pipe Grooving System

Efficient grooving of pipes by mechanical movement

Pipe Storage And Loading Systems

Pipe is placed in the pipe storage by a traveling crane and the loading quantity is controlled by the program

Pipe Cutting And Marking System

Program-controlled and optimized cutting sequence for maximum utilization of pipes and marking of qualified pipes

Pipe Lateral Conveying System

Transport of pipes to the pipe threading line using transport components

Pipe Threading System

Efficient pipe-threading by program control