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Automatic Laser Pipe Cutting & Short Pipe Grooving Solutions

laser-cutting and-grooving
laser-cutting and-grooving

1.Equipment Overview

1.1 CYC-200 groove press is a new automatic machine developed by our company, which is used to press groove for steel pipe connection instead of manual operation, with the advantages of “high efficiency and good quality” , which is welcomed by the users.

1.2 Specifications:DN65-DN200, length 0.6m-6.0m, thickness 7.5mm or less.

1.3 Manufacturer: Jiangyin Xinwang Machinery Co.,Ltd

1.4 Supply for: Automatic Laser Pipe Cutting And Short Pipe Grooving Solutions & Production Line

2.Main technical details:

2.1 Model: CYC-200

2.2 Processing scope: DN65 ~ DN200, length 0.6m ~ 6.0m, thickness 7.5mm or less.

2.3 Power Request: 30KW.

2.4 Outline size: 17 meters long * 5 meters wide * 2 meters high

2.5 Processing efficiency: Normally takes 30 seconds for one piece for different suited diameter size.

2.6 Pressing wheel and knurling wheel specifications:

No. 1 (DN65, DN80)

No. 2 (DN100, DN125, DN150)

No. 3 DN200

2.7 Accompaning extra parts: one set of pressure wheel & knurling wheel.

short pipe grooving machine
short pipe grooving machine

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