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Container Pipes Grooving Machine

Grooving Works In Container As An Integrated Machine

1.Equipment Overview

1)CBZDYC200 grooved press is an integrated machine developed by our company, which is used to jointing project for metal pipes connection, instead of fully manual operation. We installed the grooving machine in container as an integrated part ,which is easy for working place and no need to fabricate again, with the advantages of “high efficiency and good quality” ,is a better tool equipment for prefabricated project.

2)、Specifications: DN65-DN200, length 3.0m-6.0m, thickness 7.5mm or less.

3)、Manufacturer: Jiangyin Xinwang Machinery Co.,Ltd

4)、Supplied for: Automatic grooving machine

2、Main technical details:

1、Model: CBZDYC200

2、Processing scope:Diameter DN65 ~ DN200, length 1.6m ~ 6.0m, thickness 7.5mm or less.

3、Power Request: 10KW.

4、Outline size: Length 9 meters * Width 5 meters * Hight 2 meters

5、Processing efficiency:Normally takes 30 seconds for one piece for different suited diameter size.

6、Specifications for pressure wheel and knurling wheel :

No. 1 :DN65, DN80

No. 2 :DN100, DN125, DN150

No. 3: DN200

7、Accompaning extra parts: one set of pressure wheel & knurling wheel.

Working Ends

Container Pipe Grooving Machine,Production Line For Prefabricated Plants,Suitable For Pipes Of Various Materials Such As Galvanized Pipes, Stainless Steel Pipes, Carbon Steel Pipes, Low Alloy Steel Pipes, Alloy Steel Pipes, Etc.

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