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CNTS-65A Automatic Steel Pipe Threading Solutions & Production Line

1 Equipment overview

1).TSPL50A type threading machine is an electric and gas integrated equipment, which applies modern motion control technology in one system. It is suitable for turning external threads on bolts, screws, steel pipes and workpieces that have been turned.

2). Manufacturer: Jiangyin Xinwang Machinery Co.,Ltd

3). Suited size: can produce base pipe specifications for ½″~2½″

4).Supplied for: automatic steel pipe cutting machine and hydraulic system.

2. Main technical details:

1). Spindle motor 5.5KW, oil pump motor 2.2KW, water pump 120W.

2). Spindle speed: 0 ~ 120 rpm.

3). Machine dimensions: length 1.7 m * width 1.2 m * height 1.4 m

4).Accompaning extra parts: 7 sets of fixtures (¼ ″ ~ 2.5″), one set of tool-post wrench, one set of tool adjustment sample block, one set of 11 tooth threading die, one set of 14 tooth threading die.

5). Processing efficiency: Normally takes 5-8 seconds for one piece for different suited diameter size.


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